Dora Strelkova

Electrical Engineering Graduate, Software Developer, Maker

Dora Strelkova is an electrical engineering graduate and software developer at CAMufacturing Solutions Inc.! Her current research focuses on integrating compliant mechanisms and origami in robotics via 3D printing (3DP). As a FIRST Robotics Alum, Dora aims to destigmatize STEM for young girls and women who look to be involved in the world of science and tech but don’t know where to start. Her involvement in the Windsor branch of IEEE’s Circuits and Systems Society (CAS) has allowed her to give back to the student community through the delivery of technical events on PCB design and fabrication, 3D modeling, and the design for additive manufacturing. Dora is thankful for her mentors, who have helped her build her toolbox of skills and inspired her to become a future engineer.