Dr. Marcia Braundy

President of Sigma-West Consulting, Inc and Kootenay Women in Trades and Technology

Dr. Marcia Braundy is a multidisciplinary academic feminist who keeps her hand in as a Red Seal construction carpenter, multimedia project manager, educator, author, archivist, independent research scholar and social change activist who has built Victorian renovations, double coal silos in a camp job with 400 men & 5 women, senior’s housing and shopping malls. Braundy is currently creating a full-text, freely available Equity in Apprenticeship & Technical Fields Digital Archive.

She has developed/delivered trades exploratory curricula used across Canada. Chairing the Equity Committees of the CLFDB National Apprenticeship Committee and the Provincial Apprenticeship Board in British Columbia, she was the Founding National Coordinator of Women in Trades and Technology National Network (WITTNN) for eight years. She has since achieved a PhD in Technology Studies from UBC. She works men and with women, often separately, to bring about effective integration for women in trades & technology training and work. In 2017, Braundy completed a national study for the Federal Government on “Lessons Learned and Best Practices for Increasing the Successful Participation of Women in Apprenticeship and the Skilled Trades,” recommending, to the Minister, Newfoundland & Labrador’s Office to Advance Women Apprentices as the number one best practice in Canada. They have since been contracted to duplicate that program in several other provinces.