Emma Garrod

Talent Development Manager at Spark Power

Emma Garrod, Talent Development Manager at Spark Power, has worked in the Training and Development space for 10+ years. Her passion for ongoing employee development, coupled with her love for coaching and mentoring makes her a strong advocate and leader for the continued growth and development of people. Presently, Spark Power is embarking on a new strategic plan which includes a strong focus on promoting the trades and current apprentices while educating youth on opportunities in the trades. In support of the strategic plan, Emma has launched an internal talent program aligning with the Ontario Electrical Apprenticeship program for the Renewable Energy side of her field staff. This supports skills development, structure, and growth for the solar, wind and battery storage technicians.

Spark Power, a sponsor and partner of Build a Dream, is an industrial electrical service and renewable energy service provider. They employ a variety of the trades, specifically electricians, engineers, and powerline workers. Additionally, Spark Power has highly technical roles on the high voltage side, as well as solar, wind and battery storage technicians on the renewables side. For years, Spark has partnered with Build a Dream to help promote women and youth from underrepresented groups, which is a passion and a focus of our organization.

Outside of work, Emma is an active provincial elite referee, mentor, coach and community member which allows Emma to be intimately connected with the needs and aspirations of youth in our communities. Additionally, she is a respected Board Member on a non-profit childcare organization. Outside of board responsibilities and ongoing work within the trades, Emma devotes time and energy to her wife and two kids who are growing and developing each day into amazing, mature human beings.