Jax makes pop music without harming any balloons. She has no problem wearing Crocs or playing Settlers of Catan for hours (in Crocs). She once trained (Rocky-style) to complete a marathon. She even blitzed the DJ booth at some bougie Hollywood nightclub to sing next to Paris Hilton after writing her a song (umm, who wouldn’t?). She went viral like a dozen or more times by singing pop songs from the perspectives of their subjects, attracting 1.3 million followers on Tik Tok, 125 million views and 17 million “likes” (she has no idea what 1 million people look like together though). She is from New York and New Jersey, but lives in L.A. (you could find her at bars in the Valley pre-Pandemic—not so much now).

Despite not actually fathering any children (to her knowledge), she knows more dad jokes than any dad out there.

She is just the nerd we need right now.

“I’m a total dork in real life,” she affirms. “Sometimes I’m feeling myself and I’ll put out something sexy, but it’s not really who I am. I wanted that to shine through in the music. In my songs, I write things I’d actually say in conversation and see if anybody wants to be my friend.”

You’ll definitely want to be her friend…

Out of the womb, mom played “tons of rock ‘n’ roll” for Jax. So, she took to Janis Joplin, Joan Jett, Alanis Morissette, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Paramore, blink-182, and Billy Joel. “Obviously because I grew up on Long Island,” she reminds. At seven-years-old, she did adult community theater as a proud “psycho theater kid.” She taught herself piano and went through “a big emo goth” phase. When her high school band gained traction, her parents allowed her to homeschool. Her Brooklyn firefighter dad had bravely rushed towards danger as a 9/11 first responder on a recovery mission and retired in the aftermath. So, he took the reins as her first manager, tour driver, roadie, etc. “I couldn’t have done anything without him,” smiles Jax.

However, it wasn’t easy. At 18-years-old, she developed cancer above her vocal chords. She went into remission, but it returned a couple of months later after she relocated to L.A.

“It was a major wakeup call,” she states. “It made me realize you only live once. I’m thankful I caught it early. I couldn’t sing at the time, and I still needed to do something creative, so I started writing songs.”

In remission once more, she succeeded behind-the-scenes writing songs for other artists. When COVID-19 shutdown songwriting sessions, Jax needed to pivot again. This time, she turned to Tik Tok. She posted a hilarious response to the pop gem “Stacy’s Mom” from “Stacy’s Mom’s Perspective.” It exploded with nearly 9 million views in a few months’ time. She maintained this momentum with other riotous Tik Toks, including “Avril Lavigne & Sk8er Boi (18 years later)” [14 million views] (people under 16 still think Jax is the real Avril Lavigne!). She dedicated “Somebody’s Kid” to her marine brother and served up other fan favorite independent singles, including “i can’t believe i shaved my legs for this,” “papercuts,” and “Bitchcraft.”

However, “Ring Pop” changed everything. Initially teased on Tik Tok, the snippet instantly captivated fans. On the official release, her warm delivery coasts over dreamy guitar and snappy percussion as she croons to her BF, “Don’t need no diamonds, you’re my rock, and I’m okay with a ring pop.”

“I was, and currently am, broke in L.A. living in a one-bedroom apartment, but very much in love,” she goes on. “My boyfriend and I weren’t having a great week, so I wrote the song for him to feel better about not being able to just buy a diamond engagement ring and get married. Who cares? We’re living our best times now.”

Ultimately, that spirit carries over to the music.

“I want you to know it’s cool to be weird,” she leaves off. “If you’re not feeling cool enough, I’m on the same plane. We’re all in this together, and I can be your dad,” she laughs.