Keziah Osei

HGTV Personality & Owner at Keyz To Your Home

Keziah is not your average contractor; she's a disruptor and trailblazer, becoming HGTV Canada's first female presenting Black contractor in 25 years. With a passion for renovation and craftsmanship, Keziah embarked on her journey in the skilled trades as a Carpenter, bravely challenging the male-dominated construction industry. Through her company, Keyz To Your Home Renovations, she empowers women and non-binary individuals, leaving a positive impact on the community through various construction, remodel, and renovation projects. With over 300 projects already under her belt, Keziah is breaking barriers and promoting diversity and inclusivity in the construction industry, employing women of all backgrounds. Her dedication to creating a more inclusive field is evident in the extensive range of services her company provides, from custom designs to installations, plumbing, electrical, and more, establishing her as a significant force in the construction industry.