Mackenzie Habash

Program Manager of the Windsor Essex Regional Technology Development Site

Mackenzie Habash is a young tech professional and an inspiring advocate for women
in STEM and skill trades. Graduating in 2021 with an Economics degree and strong backgrounds in Math, Physics, and Data Analytics, Mackenzie's diverse skill set has been instrumental in her success in the auto tech industry.

As the Program Manager of the Windsor Essex Regional Technology Development Site, an automotive tech accelerator, Mackenzie is driving cutting-edge
advancements in the automotive sector. Her passion for technology and education has led her to take on multiple roles, empowering post-secondary academic institutions to embrace emerging technologies
and modernize teaching methods.

Beyond her professional achievements, Mackenzie is a passionate Formula 1 fan, which reflects her love for innovation and speed, traits that are also integral to excelling in the STEM and skill trades fields.

With her outstanding achievements and dedication to empowering young women in STEM and skill trades, Mackenzie is a shining example of how diverse
backgrounds and interests can lead to a fulfilling and impactful career.


2023 - Breakout Room

Accelerating Ahead: Unveiling the Roadmap to the Future of Automotive