Sarain Fox

Canadian Anishinaabe Activist, Broadcaster, & Filmmaker

A storyteller at heart, Sarain combines various mediums to amplify the voices of her people in hopes of creating meaningful dialogue between Indigenous and settler communities. Sarain has built her career in the cross-section of activism and media. Her mother and great aunt are the oral record keepers of the family. They have passed down ancient teachings from generations of knowledge-keepers and have raised her to be proud of her Indigenous roots. As a result, Sarain has become a powerful and vibrant voice for the Indigenous community. 

In 2020 she founded Land Back Studios a production company focused on authentic storytelling in new media, television, and film. She is most noted for her 2020 documentary film Inendi, for which she received a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Host or Interviewer in a News or Information Program, and currently runs on CBC GEM.  

You’ve seen Sarain in the larger-than-life billboards & videos for Sephora’s ‘We Belong to Something Beautiful’ initiative, or as the host for APTN’s Future History & Viceland’s RISE. As an Indigenous Entrepreneur, AMEX Canada partnered with Sarain for the launch of their Blueprint campaign to support BIPOC Businesses. As a brand ambassador, Sarain uses her platform to celebrate the immense knowledge and talent of Indigenous people, designers, and brands. She has lent her voice to international brands such as Sephora, Canada Goose, Nike N7, and Manitobah Mukluks. Sarain sees each partnership and campaign as an opportunity to highlight her culture in the mainstream, share the stage with up-and-coming Indigenous talent and change the world for her people.

Sarain is also an ambassador for TreadRight Foundation (a non-profit focused on sustainable travel and cultural preservation) and sits on the board of directors of the Center for Biological Diversity. 

10:00 am

October 5th, 2022 Dreamer Day Fest

Land Acknowledgement

8:25 pm

October 4th, 2022 Dreamer Day Gala

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