Sarain Fox

Canadian Anishinaabe Activist, Broadcaster, & Filmmaker

Sarain is a dedicated storyteller and activist who aims to bridge the gap between Indigenous and settler communities through authentic storytelling. Raised by oral record keepers, she takes immense pride in her Indigenous roots and has become a powerful voice for her people. In 2020, Sarain founded Land Back Studios, focusing on meaningful storytelling in various media formats. She gained recognition for her documentary film "Inendi" and has appeared in high-profile campaigns for Sephora and as a host for APTN and Viceland.

As an Indigenous Entrepreneur, she collaborates with brands like AMEX Canada to support BIPOC Businesses, celebrating Indigenous talent and culture. Sarain's advocacy extends to environmental and cultural preservation efforts, as an ambassador for the TreadRight Foundation and a board member of the Center for Biological Diversity. Through her work, she aims to create positive change and understanding for Indigenous communities while using her platform to amplify their voices.