Serena Nguyen

Chief of Staff at the MaRS Discovery District

Serena is an advocate and ambassador for start-ups with over 12 years of global, cross-industry experience. She’s worked with highly respected organizations such as Deloitte and Microsoft and currently holds the position of Chief of Staff at the MaRS Discovery District. For those of you who don’t know, MaRS Discovery District is one of North America’s largest urban innovation hub. MaRS works with over 1400 ventures to help drive the innovation community by enabling start-up success and growth, and by connecting talent, capital and customers with entrepreneurs.

Serena is also the Executive Director of CILAR - the Coalition of Innovation Leaders Against Racism -which works with some of the big names in tech and consulting such as Google Canada, BlueDot, Meta Canada, Deloitte, and KPMP just to name a few. CILAR’s focus is on increasing access and opportunity for diverse innovators in the Innovation Economy.