Brittani Stevenson

Manager, Talent Acquisition at Spark Power

Brittani has spent over 10 years in Human Services and Human Resources positions. She began her career with YMCA Employment Services as an Employment Counsellor and Community Outreach Consultant. She’s partnered with High School Co-op, OYAP, Specialist High Skills Majors students, and has assisted hundreds of job seekers in pursuing education, training, and employment opportunities.

Brittani has had a focus on Trades and Technical Recruitment across Canada and the US for over 6 years in industries ranging from Automotive, Food and Chemical Manufacturing to Distribution, Construction, Engineering and of course the broad scope of services Spark Power offers.

Brittani is truly passionate about bringing high quality talent of all levels to Spark Power! From first year Apprentices to Project Managers, she loves to dig into someone’s skills and experience, as well as their career goals and values to ensure their next career change is truly rewarding.

As a Talent Acquisition professional, she can provide insight to the current labour market, your potential career trajectory and path, what employers look for in resumes, interviewing skills, and how you can elevate your job search through social media.

4:35 pm

October 5th, 2022 Dreamer Day Fest

Spark YOUR Career: Presented by Spark Power

Are you unsure of what your dream career looks like? Through discovery and exploration, find out how these panelists can help you spark your dream career in a unique way.