Jen Scholten

Head of Marketing and Communications, SpaceRyde

Jen is a proud generalist. She's led global marketing teams for cutting-edge technologies and negotiated, secured, and handheld chart-topping artists through their most significant partnerships. She's even convinced five-star restaurants to serve beverages to dogs! But, by far, marketing the incredible innovations in the space industry has been her biggest adventure to date.

Upon graduating from Toronto Metropolitan University, formerly Ryerson University, Scholten loaded her car with all her belongings and headed to New York City. During her six years in NYC, Jen worked with top fashion houses, tech start-ups and, stereotypically, in the food and beverage industry. Most notably, Scholten founded her own ethically produced fashion brand that was presented at international Fashion Weeks and adorned by such celebrities as Justin Bieber, Wu-Tang, WAFFLE NYC and CamRus. After closing her start-up, Scholten took all her learnings and committed to applying them to building start-up go-to-market and partnership strategies.

She built and launched the go-to-market strategy as Echo Bone Beverage launched its beverage for dogs into the market, uniquely positioning it within the food and beverage sector to differentiate the product in the existing pet food market. Within eight months, dogs were drinking alongside their owners at bars and restaurants across New York City.

Scholten then led the marketing charge as DroppTV, the first integrated shoppable video platform, hit the market and executed partnerships with Ashanti, A$AP, The Band, LG Electronics and Nike.

She is now applying her vast knowledge to the space sector as the Head of Marketing and Communications at SpaceRyde. She spreads the company's work in pioneering domestic Space access for Canada and building the brand Canadians will be proud to call their own.

Jen has lived and worked in Canada, New York, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. She also spent a year as a digital nomad, travelling and working from Europe, the UK and Mexico.