Riya Karumanchi

Computer Science & Computational Biology Student at Stanford University

Riya is a previous med-tech. founder who is studying Computer Science & Computational Biology at Stanford University.  She founded two med tech. companies over the past couple of years, one building an enhanced white cane for the visually impaired to assist with haptic-navigation called artCane, and another developing wearable devices for patient monitoring in retirement homes. This experience led her to lead an aging-technology team at Deloitte to develop an innovation for a wearable device that predicts falls three weeks in advance with machine learning to improve independent-living and quality of life for the elderly. She is currently a startup mentor for founders in Silicon Valley and Toronto, and loves helping young people get involved in entrepreneurship. Beyond health-tech., she recently became interested in energy resource engineering for innovations in clean-tech., and is exploring some ideas in that field. Riya is also very grateful to be recognized in Teen Vogue’s 21 Under 21 & Time Magazine’s list for 7 Young Inventors who See a Better Way. Overall, Riya is really excited about ambitious health and climate-tech. innovations to improve quality of life, and am eager to meet people in the Zurich area and learn about their journeys and experiences. 

9:00 am

October 5th, 2022 Dreamer Day Fest

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